Farming Accident Death.1656087051

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Farming Accident Death.1656087051
Farming Accident Death.1656087051

Farming Accident Death.1656087051


Farming Accident Death.1656087051
Farming Accident Death.1656087051

Farming Accident Death

Farming Accident Death.1656087051 While most workers are responsible for many types of workplace accidents, farming accidents are particularly dangerous. For instance, twenty percent of farm accident victims are under the age of 20. This is especially concerning because children can often start working at a young age. In 2012, 19 people younger than 16 died as a result of a workplace accident. Fourteen of them were farm workers. Sadly, many young farm workers do not receive adequate training before entering the industry.

Drumm was ejected from his tractor

The driver of a large open cab tractor, Jerad Revels, was driving when the vehicle went off the road and rolled over beneath its tires. The tractor was the third in a row traveling down the road. As it tipped over, the driver was thrown from the tractor. He landed beneath the tractor and was pronounced dead at the scene. His family is at the scene.

Authorities say the semi truck hit the tractor as it rolled over and the driver was trapped underneath the vehicle. The tractor overturned into a ditch and the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. Neither the semi driver nor the truck driver was charged in the fatal crash. The investigation is ongoing. The deceased was 44 years old. He was the only occupant of the tractor.

He fell into a grain silo

On the day of the accident, Employee #1 was loading a truck with grain when he was sent to the top of a 50-foot-tall grain silo to check the moisture content of the grains. While waiting for the loading to be complete, Employee #1 sat on the top of the silo. Without warning, the upper portion of the silo’s side wall collapsed. Employee #1 fell from the roof of the building and was engulfed in the grain that fell to the ground. Despite this, he died from asphyxia.

As the corn sank deeper into the silo, Employee #1 struggled to breathe. During the next four hours, his replacement coworkers attempted to rescue him, but could not find him. When he was found, he was buried in the flowing corn, 10 feet below the silo’s floor. A coworker noticed him in the silo, but it was too late for them to save him.

He died from multiple traumatic injuries

A 23-year-old farm laborer from Monroe County, Pennsylvania, died on Thursday morning after an accident involving a farm tractor. Dalton Davidson was driving the tractor at the time of the crash at 10:43 p.m. in Chestnuthill Township. The farmer was pronounced dead at Lehigh Valley Hospital at 5:09 a.m. after suffering multiple traumatic injuries. The coroner ruled the death to be a result of the accident.

The accident happened near the intersection of ISR 5 and Wire Mountain Road. The driver lost control of his vehicle while traveling westbound on ISR 8 in the right shoulder. The accident was reported to 911 and paramedics responded to the scene. They pronounced the decedent dead on the scene, without the need for further medical intervention. The cause of the accident remains unclear. A postmortem examination of the decedent’s death is planned.

He was an avid outdoorsman

Before his fatal accident, Sean Gronau loved to fish, hunt, and build his own business. He had plans to become a hunting guide, but an accident left him unable to continue his dream. The accident occurred when a pickup truck slammed into a partially-parked farm vehicle carrying corn. The driver of the pickup truck, a man identified as Gronau, was killed instantly. A family-funded GoFundMe is currently raising money for the victim’s family, and a memorial website has been set up in his memory.

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