Extraordinary Love Sayings I Love My Daughter Quotes

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Extraordinary Love Sayings I Love My Daughter Quotes

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Once you grow up and are able to stand on your own, his affection never fades. Even though she always fights for her child’s happiness, mothers are still ordinary people who can feel disappointed, sad, worried, and angry. Despite the mother’s imperfections, she is still such a good person like an angel.

Unfortunately not all children understand the importance of a mother. Sometimes your words and actions often hurt him. You don’t know if he’s crying inside.

But what can you do, his love is bigger than his anger. He does not know hatred for children who are very loved and will instead give messages or prayers to their children so that they live a blessed life.

Extraordinary Love Sayings I Love My Daughter Quotes

Extraordinary Love Sayings I Love My Daughter Quotes
Extraordinary Love Sayings I Love My Daughter Quotes

Well, here’s Radar Timika summarized from various sources, here are the mother’s wise words for her beloved child that touch the heart.

No one can replace the figure of a mother, a woman who sincerely loves you. Behind his silence, always engraved the word love only for the child.

1. “When everyone insults and turns away from you because of your defeat, but at that time your mother was never shy or shy to stay with you.”

2. “A mother’s heart is a classroom where her child learns.” –Henry Ward Beecher

3. “Mother’s love is the most soothing. It does not take many forms and is soothing like an oasis in a long and arid desert.”

4. “Although it is impossible to be a perfect mother, but a mother must try to be the best mother for her children.”

5. “Your parents never wanted you to be like them but they wanted you to be better than them.”

6. “There is no human who loves you more than your mother. And she is still willing to love you even though she is not the one you love the most.”

7. “Being a pious child and never offending parents is what our parents want the most.”

8. “When the heart is uncertain, keep the tongue from speech. Sometimes silence has an important role so as not to hurt someone.”

9. “Life is a choice you make. If you don’t want to look stupid, don’t do stupid things.”

10. “Stepmother is not as evil as depicted in soap operas.” –Arumi E

11. “When your life is happy, your mother never asks you to share your happiness with her, but when you are hurt your mother always comes to receive a share of your wound.”

12. “Always trying to cheer up the morning, even dad always seems excited, even though life is hard.”

13. “Don’t think that there’s not enough time to show how much you care.”

14. “My son, don’t be sad even though I just hugged you for a moment, because all you need to know, MOM’S HEART hugs you forever.”

15. “We can hope, but don’t dream empty, try to make it real son, even though it’s not perfect.”

16. “And mother’s love is like this life, without the need for you to ask, without the need for you, it will come naturally.”

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