Kobe Bryant Autopsy Report Drawing Twitter

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Kobe Bryant Autopsy Report Drawing Twitter
Kobe Bryant Autopsy Report Drawing Twitter

Kobe Bryant Autopsy Report Drawing Twitter – Kobe Bryant’s autopsy report and sketches have leaked and gone viral on Twitter.Kobe Bryant and Gigi’s autopsy report is popular on the Internet, and in this article we explain everything you need to know about Kobe

Bryant and the accident that led to his death. It was announced that Gigi Bryant and the other passengers in the helicopter died in the crash. However, an infographic of the autopsy report is being circulated on Twitter and Reddit.

Kobe Bryant Autopsy Report Drawing Twitter


A year ago, Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and seven others boarded a Sikorsky S-76B helicopter at John Wayne Airport in Orange County. They were taken to a youth basketball tournament at the Mamba Sports Academy (“Mamba” was later removed from the name) in the City of Thousand Oaks. Kobe coaches Gianna’s team. What happened on that Sunday morning flight in the misty mountains above Calabasas will shake the world.

Kobe Bryant Autopsy Report Drawing Twitter
Kobe Bryant Autopsy Report Drawing Twitter

Twitter User Had Predicted Kobe Bryant’s Death In Helicopter Crash In 2012

Text message thread between Patty Taylor, OC Helicopters Operations Manager, Island Express Helicopters Pilot Ara Zobayan, and others.

Taylor: “Good evening KB tomorrow Sunday January 26th please honor request to reschedule departure 845 departure 9am SNA CMA SNA N72EX Ara 1st driver Gary 2nd driver Robert Pax KB GB et al. … Almost back. 15:00. The recommended mode could cause problems…”

Bryant family assistant Kathryn Brady told the National Transportation Safety Board: “On this particular day, to Sunday, I changed the time the night before, maybe 6 or 7 p.m., because Kobe had decided he wanted to go watch another team play before his game. So for that was supposed to wake up at 9:45 but last night we changed it to wake up at 9.

In his final public statement, Bryant tweeted in response to Lakers star LeBron James surpassing him for the NBA’s all-time scoring streak: “Keep moving forward @KingJames. Respect my brother.”

Faa Investigator Analyzes Helicopter Crash That Killed Kobe Bryant

The plane’s weight and measurement list lists the eight people who, besides Zobayan, are scheduled to fly from John Wayne Airport in Orange County to Camarillo Airport: Alyssa Altobelli, John Altobelli, Carrie Altobelli, Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant, Sarah Chester, Peyton Chester and Christina Mauser.

Webb to the NTSB: “While we were waiting for Mr. Bryant, I suggested a blue plane. [Ara] said the blue plane was a John Wayne… Long Beach, Santa Monica, Malibu Pass and then around where this accident happened – that’s the route I suggested. He said he would drive around. And he put his finger up on the map on his phone and said he was going to Dodger Stadium near Burbank and he was going to drive on 118. ForeFlight can get a color image and it shows where the clouds are. And he showed that he would be above and around those clouds. … [Ara] is good. It was just an ordinary Ara. He’s decided on the path he’s going to take and we’re just waiting on [Bryant]. The other passengers are there. Regular, scheduled flight.

On the radio to air traffic control: “And SoCal, for two helicopter echo x-rays, we’ll continue climbing to the yards and, uh, we can be with you here.”

SoCal TRACON Radar Controller: “X-ray double echo, are you, uh, still number 1, 200, uh, need an extra trip?”

Leaked) Kobe Bryant Autopsy Report Viral On Twitter

In a later email to the NTSB from a witness near the crash site, “She was invisible beyond where I saw her disappear into a small cloud on the road. … I heard it before that moment, but I just looked up when the sound got really loud because it was getting closer. I listened specifically to see if there seemed to be any mechanical problems because it was low and slow.”

From an NTSB interview with a witness 200 feet from the scene: “For about 20 seconds the sound continued to grow and suddenly a blue and white helicopter came out of the clouds and passed from left to right. right directly left. . He reasoned that he was driving fast, going uphill and downhill. He began to roll to the left until he saw her stomach. He observed it for 1 to 2 seconds before hitting the ground about 50 feet below his position. ”

Third witness: “We kept hearing the helicopter flying but we couldn’t really see it because it was very foggy and overcast.” For some reason the helicopter would fly lower in bad weather. Then suddenly we heard a big BOOM.


911 caller: “The helicopter crashed into the mountain. We heard it. And now I’m looking at the flames.”

N.b.a. Star Kobe Bryant Dies In California Helicopter Crash

Bagge told the NTSB, “Patti called me and asked if I could check where Ara was on the mine. I checked and saw that the tracker stopped tracking Ara at 9:45 in the morning and I told her I would call her right away. … I looked at the picture of N72EX circling Glendale and sent it to Patty, thinking it delayed her, I told her it was a miracle the tracker stopped at 9:45 which is not normal and we are now trying to reach Ara by radio. … I kept refreshing the tracker, praying it was broken.

Bagge NTSB: “Angel [Island Express employee] tried to call Aram and Garrett [employee] several times with no success and both went to voicemail, I immediately left him a message.” here “Go to emergency services Guide now. ”

A Los Angeles County firefighter radioed, “We have one wreck with medium brush. We have smoke.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department tweeted: “The downed aircraft was a helicopter. The fire was extinguished. #Malibu deputies on scene of crash looking for survivors, 4200 blk Las Virgenes Rd.”

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I’m Not A Dirty Player, It Was Accidental

Then-Clippers coach Doc Rivers was with the team in Orlando, Fla.: “[KCBS sports anchor] Jim Hill called me and said, ‘I think something tragic happened to Kobe, Dr. Bunn, I’m going to bring you back. ..” That was before anyone knew. Then he called me again to confirm, and within five minutes he left. So I was on my way to the bus at that time. … When I walked into this “Dressing room, the dressing room is broken. It’s not a locker room to play basketball. It’s a dressing room that needs advice, that needs a hug.”

Magic Johnson hugs Kobe Bryant before his final game with the Lakers on April 13, 2016 at Staples Center. Bryant will score 60 points against the Utah Jazz.

Lakers great Magic Johnson: “I talked to (Lakers manager) Jeanie [Buss] and they’ve heard it, but it’s not confirmed. So, I’m just getting excited about it.


“Your stomach just turned because I was like, ‘No, not Kobe.’ No one can think that. No. He’s got no success. He’s Kobe, you know? He’s Superman, you know?”

Local Barbershop Has Mural Dedicated To Kobe Bryant

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Fire Department tweeted: “*AIRRAFT DOWN* 5th Battalion crews are working a major helicopter crash in #Calabasas. The #NTSB is on the way to this incident. @LASDHQ is on site assisting.”

Magic Johnson: “Well of course he’s proven and he’s just a fake guy. You know him. You’ve seen him. You’ve watched him for 20 years. You met him when he first came here. I remember Jerry West as was yesterday. he picked up the phone and said to me. ‘I saw the greatest workout I’ve ever seen in my life.’ And I said, ‘What?’ I said, ‘No, Jerry.’ He said, ‘I’m telling you that I is Michael Cooper. You’ll have to ask Coop. You know how great Koop is as a goalkeeper and that’s it.

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