The Latest Informed Alyssa Altobelli Autopsy

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The Latest Informed Alyssa Altobelli Autopsy
The Latest Informed Alyssa Altobelli Autopsy

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Bryant came out as OCC baseball coach John Altobelli spoke near the court, wanting to reflect and talk to Altobelli’s players about the “Mamba mentality” that had become his tenet throughout his distinguished basketball career.

He emphasized the ferocity, focus, imagination and foresight needed to compete, qualities he also saw in Altobelli.

The Latest Informed Alyssa Altobelli Autopsy

The Latest Informed Alyssa Altobelli Autopsy
The Latest Informed Alyssa Altobelli Autopsy

Bryant and Altobelli were close friends who embodied each other’s best qualities in their respective fields. Bryant was an NBA legend and Altobelli was a high school teaching legend who bonded over parental love.

Alyssa and Gianna Altobelli, who were 13 years old and competed in basketball on Bryant’s youth team, Mamba Academy, were teammates.

The two parents got along well, and Altobelli constantly recalled fondly the occasions when Black Mamba would allow her to accompany him on a helicopter ride to video games.

He would travel to five or six games, while Alyssa attended birthdays and sporting events in Los Angeles much more frequently.

Altobelli interrupted his team’s practice Saturday night to inform the assistant coaches that he, his wife Carey and Alyssa would be leaving Sunday morning for the second day of Bryant’s Mamba Cup competition. This was prior to the start of Tuesday’s intra-team competition.



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