Who Won Faze Temperrr Vs Kenny The King Fight

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Who Won Faze Temperrr Vs Kenny The King Fight


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Faze Temperrr Wins Boxing Appeal After “rigged” King Kenny Match

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Who Won Faze Temperrr Vs Kenny The King Fight


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Faze Temperrr Declared Winner In King Kenny Bout After Appeal

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Paul Rudd Joins ‘Only Kill In The Building’ Season 3 After Miracle Cameo Sahir Prashar Aug 23, 2022 FaZe Thomas “Temper” Oliveira Saturday March 5 After the pair’s match at OVO Arena Wembley, the fight was initially declared in King’s favor. Kenny. Now, according to Temperrr’s post, the fight has once again received a unanimous decision with the judges declaring him the winner.

The boxing match was in doubt after the first decision in favor of King Kenny. On Saturday at the SHOWSTAR UK event, the judges scored 2-1 with Kenny’s decision. However, FaZe Temperrr has restarted the fight 3-0, according to today’s announcement by the Professional Boxing Association (PBA).

Who Won Faze Temperrr Vs Kenny The King Fight

In a statement, the PBA said it agrees that the “dangerous and chaotic conditions found by the authorities during the Showstar events” are sufficient grounds for FaZe Temperrr’s complaint. It was decided unanimously -46, 49-46, 48-47. FaZe Temperrr is currently 1-0 in his professional boxing record.

King Kenny Vs Faze Temperrr Loser Will Forfeit Purse To Winner Of Youtube Boxing Fight

The battleground on Saturday (March 5) was a busy one, with members of FaZe Clan calling it a “scam” after the match ended. In addition, there were arguments in the crowd, early matches were stopped due to cancellations, and the main event saw promoters and members running around the ring.

Adding insult to injury, Temperrr’s wild bet before the match saw the winner take home the loser’s bag. The decision to split leaves Temperrr empty-handed.

However, even when defeated, Temper remained strong. Fighter’s camp said it will seek an immediate retrial and appeal the decision. Today the decision was overturned.

Now, a rematch between the British singer and YouTube star appears to be on the cards…and this time, Temperr is looking for home-field advantage.

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YouTuber boxing definitely has its detractors. In addition, the debate and scenes of Saturday’s event are not on their side. Few people can say there is.

Michael is a UK based content creator who saw this bug in 2010 but it took him 8 years to decide he should write about it. Leaving a promising career in marketing and PR, he now focuses on MOBA, which includes League of Legends, Dota 2, and everything from 2019 onwards. If he is not addicted to the tournaments on the other side of the world, to his unhealthy addiction to MMOs and gacha games.

YouTube star Faze Temperrr was announced as the new winner of last Saturday’s YouTube boxing match against King Kenny after unprecedented results.

Who Won Faze Temperrr Vs Kenny The King Fight

THERE was a stir on social media when the two fought together at the first Showstar Boxing event at the OVO Arena Wembley, but a dispute broke out after the Englishman decided on his hometown.

Alex Wassabi Tantalizing Wins Deji Boxing Match By Split Decision » Firstsportz

Temperrr got a nod on one judge’s card and Kenny won on two other scorecards, but the appeal was upheld in the days following the fight.

The PBA later confirmed that the game would be rescheduled due to “chaotic and dangerous” conditions encountered by officials during the scoring.

Temper’s anger at the result is likely due in large part to the “winner take all” deal the two agreed upon before the match.

Fight Advertising was very vocal about this goal, and spoke to Fighting before the event, and both confirmed it was legitimate.

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“Do you think we are lying?” replied Temperr during a press conference before the game when he was asked if what was said was legal.

The young Englishman, whose full name is Kenny Ojewedery, reconfirmed it by taunting his opponent, adding: “He came here and he’s going to lose and go home penniless.” .

The number of the bag was not disclosed, but Ojuedery added, “I can’t disclose the amount, but it’s okay.”


After raising his hand that night, Kenny addressed the controversy on social media, writing:

Showstar Uk Vs Usa: Deji Vs Wassabi

“I will review the whole fight on video soon and show why I won. If he wants me to come back to America and beat him, bring it on.”

However, in a subsequent YouTube video, he retracted his comments and said he would be happy to rematch Oliveira in a pay-per-view in America with a 10-ounce glove.

He admitted that the fight was worth it after the third round of the razor, and said that he will not consider the result a victory as his career continues.

Want to see a rematch between King Kenny and Faze Temperrr? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Deji Vs Alex Wassabi Fight: Date, Start Time, Undercard And Live Stream

“There was a lot of controversy after my victory,” he told his more than two million followers.

“Thomas won the first and second rounds, the fourth and fifth rounds were mine, and the third could have gone either way.

“So I understand why the community is divided and I don’t want to win for that reason.

Who Won Faze Temperrr Vs Kenny The King Fight

“If I win, I want to make sure I win outright. There’s no question about that. Big respect to Faze Temperrr, me and Thomas put on a great show and a lot of people said we were fighting the night away.

Faze Temperrr Signed A Fight Deal With King Kenny

“You say it was stolen, I say let’s fix this with revenge. On your turf, a professional fight with 10 oz gloves.”

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“Diana told me she wanted to go to Paris – it still gives me the shivers.

The loser of the YouTube boxing match between social media star ‘King’ Kenny Ojuederie and Thomas ‘Temperr’ Oliveira of the Faze family will have his purse confiscated by the winner.

King Kenny Behauptet, Der Faze Clan Habe Versucht, Beta Squad Im Faze Temperrr Duell Zu Kaufen

These social media stars, who share more than 5 million followers together, will face each other in the main event tomorrow at the Showstar Boxing event at the OVO Arena.

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