Links That are Being Accessed a Lot, Complete Links Fit Punjaban Tiktok

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Links That are Being Accessed a Lot, Complete Links Fit Punjaban Tiktok
Links That are Being Accessed a Lot, Complete Links Fit Punjaban Tiktok

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Amrit Dhaliwal’s life knows no bounds. She is known as the “Canadian corporate chic”, the “Punjabi femme fatale” and “India’s first bikini model”. All these titles show the many facets of Amrit’s personality.

Fitness model. Spokesperson. Business leader. Amrit Dhaliwal doesn’t want to miss any opportunity in business. Amrit works as a model for well-known brands like Parasuco and Guess, hosts Naked News in Toronto, has been on the Howard Stern show and competes in many fitness competitions. He also works as a director of a clinical research company. The right approach to both business and beauty.

Links That are Being Accessed a Lot, Complete Links Fit Punjaban Tiktok

Links That are Being Accessed a Lot, Complete Links Fit Punjaban Tiktok
Links That are Being Accessed a Lot, Complete Links Fit Punjaban Tiktok

Amrit Dhaliwal has been called Canada’s best kept secret after Pamela Anderson and the best Canadian import after Molson in show business. Canada’s corporate identity is as Canadian as its beer. Amrit Dhaliwal, born in Calgary, Alberta, and of Indian descent, is an international Indian fitness supermodel and model/actress who has worked with top photographers and fashion designers in Canada, the United States and beyond. She is also a recognized business guru in corporate sales.

She was born in London, England, but grew up in Calgary, Canada. She is the first East Indian fitness model/actress and bikini swimsuit business guru. She has graced the covers of magazines such as FHM, Vex, UMM American Curves, Dolce Vita and many others. She has also worked for many fashion designers and has appeared in dozens of ads for Guess, Parasuco and Louis Vuitton.

Complete Links Fit Punjaban Tiktok

After being found by DTeflon, manager, actor, producer and founder of Alliance Entertainment Group, he met her at an Alliance Entertainment Group film festival event in Toronto, where he was visiting. He immediately told her she could join him on a TV spot with celebrity photographer George Pimentel for an Entertainment Tonight segment called Walk the Red Carpet.

She was overwhelmed by such an opportunity because she was only in town for the night. She thought it was too good to be true, but he kept his word and she flew out six days later. The rest is history.

Once they became friends, things started to develop quickly. Within a month, Amrit moved in and landed a contract with AEMT Management. He was also asked to start the “East vs. West” campaign when AE went public and went international. From 2004 to 2012, he was a spokesperson for Alliance Entertainment Group.


In his new job, he started networking, which gave him the opportunity to work with some of the most famous people in Hollywood. This caught the attention of Bollywood, which opened doors for her and now Amrit Dhaliwal is a Punjabi femme fatale worth following in the media. Punjabi Femme Fatale, a fitness model from Canada, was the first Indian woman to break into the industry. Amrit tried to find a way to look good, which empowers women and allows them to reach their full potential.

Amrit has leveraged her years of studying medicine to become an expert in nutrition and health, in addition to beauty and modeling.

She is a certified mind and body nutritionist/personal trainer and a recognized health and fitness expert, as she writes extensively on health and fitness.

With the publication of her book GLAMFIT, Amrit has brought the world of fitness and fashion together in a way that women from all walks of life and fitness levels can understand and afford. At a recent conference, Amrit put it all in one sentence. The goal of GlamFit is to look beautiful from the inside out. It shows what beauty, glamour and health are all about.

This talented diva has been a star from the beginning. Her enthusiastic personality shows how much she loves people and how much she cares about her work. Amrit is more than just a pretty face. She has a lot of business experience and only talks business.


Amrit Dhaliwal believes that the mind has enormous power. You can do anything if you put your mind and heart into it. She has a cosmetologist/beautician license, as well as a degree in radiology and another in marketing.

Amrit Dhaliwal has been modeling for over 15 years, but was not known worldwide until she became a spokesmodel for Alliance Entertainment Group. From 2004 to 2014, she was under the management of actor, producer and co-founder of Alliance Entertainment, Di Teflon, who helped her career reach new heights internationally and opened doors for her in Hollywood and Bollywood.



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