Latest Downloadable, Immediate Access Video Taxi Viral Update

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Latest Downloadable, Immediate Access Video Taxi Viral Update
Latest Downloadable, Immediate Access Video Taxi Viral Update

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The public became aware of this scenario when the viral video of Taxi Cúcuta Sin Censura was published and went viral on the Internet and in several social networks.

The images generated enormous interest and became one of the most popular topics on the Internet. Online consumers are very interested to know more about the content of the video. Apparently, there was explicit material in the video.

A controversy erupted in Cúcuta after a sexually explicit video was recorded in a cab in one of the city’s most prominent neighborhoods. The recording went viral and hundreds of users demanded that the cab driver be sanctioned.

The video shows a young woman and a man drinking alcohol and getting into a cab to have sex. It happened in broad daylight and near one of the busiest neighborhoods of the capital of nortesantandereana.

Upon learning of the recording, Edgar Torrado, head of operations of Radio Taxi Cone, to which the car belongs, denied what happened and insisted that they will impose the appropriate sanctions.

Latest Downloadable, Immediate Access Video Taxi Viral Update

Latest Downloadable, Immediate Access Video Taxi Viral Update
Latest Downloadable, Immediate Access Video Taxi Viral Update

“We reject the driver’s performance, he is not licensed by the company and his performance does not identify all drivers. We apologize for this disgraceful video,” Torrado said.

The company also issued a statement in which it promises to take the necessary measures to “handle this situation and ensure that similar actions do not happen again, this does not represent us.”

Freddy Aranda, the cab’s owner, said that while doing mechanical work in the workshop, he decided to rent the car for three days to the man who appears in the video.

Although a large number of sites claim to be able to drive readers of their sites to videos, they cannot be trusted to actually deliver on their claims. Not many sites are capable of doing something like this.

Given that the film has just started to circulate on social media, it is safe to assume that the process will take a few days. And that’s even if online shoppers want to know the full story of the film.

Online shoppers are just as interested in gathering as much information as possible about the background of the company and the person who currently controls it.

“The driver was recommended to me, but look what happened. I deny and apologize for what happened, the car is needed for work, not to do such things,” said the cab owner.

Despite the excuses of the cab drivers’ union representatives, hundreds of users have expressed through social networks complaints related to the bad service provided by some cab drivers and, in the midst of the pornographic video scandal, said they did not feel safe in public transport.

“It is not fair that these cases occur, cab companies should know what kind of drivers they hire. They are more concerned about attacking passenger transport platforms than improving the quality of service,” said leader Consuelo Gutiérrez.



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