Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Wiki Parents Age Death & Net Worth Reddit

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Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Wiki Parents Age Death & Net Worth Reddit
Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Wiki Parents Age Death & Net Worth Reddit

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Convicted serial killer and sex offender Jeffrey Dahmer murdered 17 men between 1978 and 1991. He was murdered by a fellow inmate in 1994.

Jeffrey Dahmer was an American serial killer who took the lives of 17 men between 1978 and 1991. For more than 13 years, Dahmer picked up men, mostly African-American, at gay bars, malls and bus stops, lured them home with promises of money or sex, and gave them alcohol and drugs before strangling them to death.

He would then perform sexual acts on the corpses before dismembering and disposing of them, often leaving their skulls or genitals as souvenirs.

He often photographed his victims at various stages of the murder process so he could remember and relive each act.

Dahmer was captured in 1991 and sentenced to 16 life sentences. He was murdered by fellow inmate Christopher Scarver in 1994.

Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Wiki Parents Age Death & Net Worth Reddit

Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Wiki Parents Age Death & Net Worth Reddit
Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids Wiki Parents Age Death & Net Worth Reddit

Childhood and Family

Dahmer was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on May 21, 1960, the son of Lionel and Joyce Dahmer. He was described as an energetic and happy child until the age of 4, when surgery to repair a double hernia seemed to change the boy.

After the birth of a younger brother and frequent family moves, he became increasingly withdrawn. By his teens he had become withdrawn, uptight and virtually friendless.

Dahmer claims that his cravings for necrophilia and murder began around age 14, but it appears that the catalyst for turning these thoughts into action was the breakup of his parents’ marriage and their abrupt divorce a few years later.

By the time the first murder was committed, Dahmer’s drinking had gotten out of control. He dropped out of Ohio State University after one term and his newlywed father insisted that he enlist in the Army. Dahmer enlisted in late December 1978 and was stationed in Germany shortly thereafter.

His drinking problems continued, and in early 1981 he was discharged from the Army. Although German authorities later investigated possible links between Dahmer and murders committed in that area at that time, it is believed that he claimed no further victims while serving in the armed forces.

After being discharged, Dahmer returned home to Ohio. An arrest that same year for disorderly conduct forced his father to send Dahmer to live with his grandmother in Wisconsin, but his drinking problems continued, and the following summer he was arrested for indecent exposure. He was arrested again in 1986, when two boys accused him of masturbating in front of them. He was sentenced to a year’s probation.


Between 1978 and 1991, Dahmer killed 17 people. He carefully selected victims on the margins of society, who were often vagrants or borderline criminals, making their disappearances less visible and less likely to be caught.

He lured them to his home with promises of money or sex and then strangled them to death. He performed sexual acts on their bodies and kept body parts and photographs as souvenirs.

Dahmer’s first murder occurred just after his high school graduation in June 1978, when he picked up a fellow passenger named Stephen Hicks and drove him to his parents’ home. Dahmer got the young man drunk; when Hicks tried to leave, Dahmer killed him by hitting him over the head and strangling him with a bar.

Dahmer dismembered the body of his first victim, stuffed the body parts into plastic bags and buried them behind his parents’ house. He later exhumed the remains, smashed the bones with a sledgehammer and scattered them in a wooded ravine.

It wasn’t until September 1987 when Dahmer took his second victim, Stephen Tuomi. They checked into a hotel room, had a drink and, upon awakening, Dahmer discovered that Tuomi was dead and had no recollection of the previous night’s events. He bought a large suitcase to transport Tuomi’s body to his grandmother’s basement, where he dismembered it and masturbated over the corpse before disposing of the remains.

Only after Dahmer killed two other victims at his grandmother’s house did her grandmother tire of her grandson’s late nights and drinking – although she was unaware of his other activities – and forced him to move out of the house in 1988.

In September 1989, Dahmer got very lucky: an encounter with a 13-year-old Laotian boy led to Dahmer being charged with sexual exploitation and second-degree sexual assault. He pleaded guilty, claiming the boy looked much older.

While awaiting sentencing in the sexual assault case, Dahmer again used his grandmother’s basement to commit gruesome crimes: in March 1989, he lured, drugged, strangled, sodomized, photographed, dismembered and disposed of Anthony Sears, an aspiring model.

At his pederasty trial in May 1989, Dahmer was a model of repentance, speaking eloquently in his defense that he had seen the error of his ways and that his arrest was a turning point in his life.

His attorney argued that he needed treatment instead of prison, and the judge agreed, sentencing him to a year in prison with “day release,” which allowed Dahmer to work at his job during the day and return to prison at night, as well as five years of probation.

Many years later, in an interview with CNN, Lionel Dahmer said he had written a letter to the sentencing court asking for psychological help before his son’s parole. However, the judge granted Dahmer early release after serving only 10 months of his sentence. After his release, he lived with his grandmother for a time, during which time his body count did not seem to increase, and then moved back into his own apartment.

Over the next two years, Dahmer’s victim count accelerated, bringing his total from four to 17. As he progressed, he developed rituals, experimenting with chemical means of release and often eating the flesh of his victims. Dahmer also attempted crude lobotomies, drilling into the skulls of his victims while they were still alive and injecting them with hydrochloric acid.

On May 27, 1991, Sandra Smith, Dahmer’s neighbor, called the police to report that an Asian boy was running naked down the street. When police arrived, the boy was inaudible, and they took Dahmer – a white man in a poor African-American community – at his word that the boy was his 19-year-old lover. In fact, the boy was 14 years old and the brother of a Laotian teenager whom Dahmer had molested three years earlier.

The police escorted Dahmer and the boy home. Not wanting to be drawn into a homosexual domestic dispute, they only took a quick look around before leaving.

As soon as the police left the scene, Dahmer killed the boy and continued with his usual rituals. Had they conducted even a rudimentary search, police would have found the body of Dahmer’s twelfth victim, Tony Hughes.

Before he was finally arrested, Dahmer killed four more people.

Crime scene at Jeffrey Dahmer’s arrest: Fridge and Polaroids

Dahmer’s string of murders ended when he was arrested on July 22, 1991. Body parts found in Dahmer’s refrigerator and Polaroid photos of his victims became inextricably linked to his infamous murder spree.

Two Milwaukee police officers got on Dahmer’s trail when they stopped Tracy Edwards, a 32-year-old African-American man wandering the streets with handcuffs on his wrist. They decided to investigate the man’s claims that the “weird guy” had drugged and restrained him. They arrived at Dahmer’s apartment, who calmly offered to take the keys to the handcuffs.

Edwards claimed that the knife with which Dahmer had threatened him was in the bedroom. When an officer went in there to confirm this version, he noticed Polaroid photos of dismembered bodies lying around. The officers restrained Dahmer.

Subsequent searches uncovered a head in the refrigerator, three more heads in the freezer and a whole catalog of other horrors, including preserved skulls, jars of genitalia and an extensive gallery of macabre Polaroid photos of his victims.

In 1996, after Dahmer’s death, a group of Milwaukee businessmen raised more than $400,000 to buy the items he used on his victims, such as blades, saws, handcuffs and a refrigerator for storing body parts. They quickly disposed of them in an attempt to distance the city from the horrors of Dahmer’s actions and the subsequent media hype surrounding his trial.

Trial and Imprisonment

The Dahmer trial began in January 1992. Since most of Dahmer’s victims were African American, there was considerable racial tension, so strict security measures were put in place, including a six-foot barrier of bulletproof glass separating him from the gallery. The inclusion of a single African American on the jury provoked further unrest, but in the end it was subdued and short-lived. Lionel Dahmer and his second wife attended the entire trial.

Initially, Dahmer did not plead guilty to all charges, although he had confessed to the murders during police questioning. He eventually changed his plea to guilty by reason of insanity. His defense presented lurid details of his behavior as proof that only an insane person could have committed such horrific acts.

The jury chose to believe the prosecution’s claim that Dahmer was fully aware that his actions were evil, but chose to commit them anyway. On February 15, 1992, after about 10 hours of deliberation, he was found guilty, but sane, on all charges. He was sentenced to 15 consecutive life sentences, the 16th being added in May.

Dahmer apparently adjusted well to prison life, although he was initially kept apart from the general prison population. Eventually, he convinced authorities to allow him to integrate more fully with other inmates. He found religion in the form of books and photographs sent to him by his father and received permission from the Colombian penitentiary to be baptized by the local pastor.


Dahmer was murdered on November 28, 1994 by fellow inmate Christopher Scarver.

In accordance with his inclusion on the usual work details, Dahmer was assigned to work with two other convicted murderers, Scarver and Jesse Anderson. After leaving them alone to carry out their tasks, the guards returned to find that Scarver had brutally beaten both men with a metal bar from the prison gym. Dahmer was pronounced dead an hour later. Anderson died of his injuries a few days later.

In a 2015 interview with the New York Post, Scarver discussed his reasons for killing Dahmer. Scarver stated that he was troubled not only by Dahmer’s crimes, but also by Dahmer’s habit of making severed limbs out of prison food to annoy other inmates.

After Dahmer and Anderson taunted him while he was working, Scarver said he told Dahmer about his crimes, after which he beat them both to death. He also claimed that prison guards allowed the murders to take place, leaving them alone.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s home

In August 2012, nearly two decades after his death, it was revealed that Dahmer’s childhood home in Bath, Ohio, where he committed his first murder in 1978 and buried his victim’s remains, was for sale. Its owner, musician Chris Butler, said the house would make a great home if the buyer could “get over the horror factor.”

In March 2016, Butler listed the house for rent for $8,000 for the week of the Republican National Convention. As of July 2017, the house was no longer for sale, according to



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