Polaroid Found, Who Is Konerak Sinthasomphone Jeffrey’s Brutal Victim?

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Polaroid Found, Who Is Konerak Sinthasomphone Jeffrey's Brutal Victim?
Polaroid Found, Who Is Konerak Sinthasomphone Jeffrey's Brutal Victim?

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In 1991, Dahmer killed Konerak Synthasomphone, a Thai immigrant who lived next door to him in Milwaukee. She was the thirteenth victim of a serial killer.

According to “Find the grave”, Konerak was born in 1976. He grew up in Wisconsin with his family and older brother Somsack. As the Synthasomphone family experienced financial difficulties, Konerak and somsak tried to earn their own money, as described in Tab.

Konerak Sinthasomphon was a boy who came to Laos from the country to fulfill his dreams. He lived a happy and peaceful life with his family and two brothers. No one had any idea what was going to happen to her baby.

His concern for the family and money leads him to go to the house with the monster. Knowing that the Konerak family needs money, she uses this thing to disguise him and kill him.

Let’s learn more about this tragic end of an innocent life;

Polaroid Found, Who Is Konerak Sinthasomphone Jeffrey’s Brutal Victim?

Polaroid Found, Who Is Konerak Sinthasomphone Jeffrey's Brutal Victim?
Polaroid Found, Who Is Konerak Sinthasomphone Jeffrey’s Brutal Victim?

Konerak synthesizer family

The Konerack sintasomfon was grown in the United States by his loving family, who moved there from Laos. Were somsak and Konerak the responsible young people looking to make a name for themselves, despite the fact that both faced significant difficulties in their adolescence due to far from ideal socio-economic circumstances?

In September 1988, when Somsak was only 13 years old, he met Jeffrey Dahmer for the first time. This is an interesting fact to keep in mind. Jeffrey recently moved from his grandmother’s house to her apartment at that time.

He just made this transition recently.

Konerak Sinthasomphone brother of Konerak Synthasomphon, gave media interviews after Jeffrey Dahmer’s attacks on the brothers. On May 27, 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer called the young woman, who at that time was only 14 years old, to his house to pose for photos.

Dahmer later supplied the boy with drugs after first photographing him in his underwear and with his belongings. After that, Dahmer made a hole in the boy’s head and injected hydrochloric acid into the teenager’s frontal lobe. The teenager died shortly after the attack. The child died soon after.

Until Sintasomphon knocked her out, he waited there for a while after she regained consciousness so that he could drink. And after a while, he reportedly left his house in search of new places to buy alcoholic beverages. This happened after a while.

When he returned home, he found Synthasomfon sitting naked on the side of the road, surrounded by three women who looked confused.

It seemed that she had forgotten her clothes at home. After examining the baby, three witnesses – Sandra Smith, Tina Spivey and Nicole Childress – appealed to the authorities for help.

Somsack Phone Synthesizer

By the time authorities arrested Jeffrey Dahmer and identified Konerak as one of his victims, somsak had already made the difficult journey back to his family and was still living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, despite the ordeal he had experienced.

Synthasomphon Estate and the Konerak family filed a lawsuit against the Milwaukee Police Department and the City of Milwaukee, alleging that these organizations violated the plaintiffs’ constitutional rights.

Since then, somsack has chosen to keep his private life a secret and has made it a priority not to draw attention to himself. On the other hand, it seems that somsak Synthasomphone is already married and lives in Wisconsin with his wife.

Who played the role of Konerak in the Netflix series?

Kiran Tamondong played the role of Konerak Synthasomphon in the Netflix show damer Monster – the actor’s role in the film Yoddha was a significant factor that led directly to his great success.

These films have cameos of both Paper tigers and little cones, albeit brief ones. He claims to have been born in Valencia, California, where he currently resides, but the truth is that he was born in Los Angeles.

When he was five years old, Randy Wood, the creator of the karate “Rising Sun”, gave him his first martial arts lesson.

In 2015, he met the requirements to compete in kumite (wrestling) in the weight category 12-13-35 kg for the United States Junior team. He indicated that he played for the national team of the United States of America at the junior level.

In 2016 he obtained the necessary qualification to compete in Kata in the age categories of 14-15 years.

His success in the intermediate 10-11 Kata category at the 2014 US Open in Las Vegas earned him the first gold medal he received from the USANKF. He currently plays for his country as part of the United States national Kata team. On a total of 21 occasions he was a winner of the World Karate Championship.

The true cause of death of Konerak Synthasomphone

When Konerak Synthasomfon met Jeffrey Dahmer, he was only 14 years old. Unfortunately, he became the next victim of the Milwaukee monster. Ten years ago, his family left the country for Laos in the hope of one day experiencing what is known as the “American dream”.

But they had no idea that their stay in the United States would turn into a nightmare.

As detailed in the documentary Monster: the Jeffrey Dahmer Story, available on Netflix, the young Jeffrey Dahmer meets Konerak Synthasomphon outside a wine shop. At that time, Jeffrey did not know that Konerak was Somsak’s brother, whom he raped in 1988.

Apparently, the perpetrator of the crime invited the victim, Konerak, to his house to drink and offered him $100 in exchange for some photos. As Konerak’s family is desperate for the money, the reluctant Konerak finally gives up.

When they got home, Jeffrey knocked out the baby and started taking pictures of him before subjecting him to a terrible experiment while he was still conscious.

Jeffrey was hypnotized by the possibility of causing his victims a zombie-like condition, and he tried to do it with Conerak. A hole will be drilled in his skull and acid will be injected into it.

After that, Dahmer ran out of the building in search of more alcohol, while Konerak somehow regained his composure and fled the place.

Who Found It?

In the pre-dawn hours in Milwaukee, a naked and injured neighbor named Jeffrey Dahmer and Konerak Syntasomphone were seen strolling through the neighborhood.

Then Jeffrey Dahmer approached Cole and began shouting at him, demanding that the child be returned to him.

He claimed he had a lot of friends and was too drunk to know where he was.

However, his account changed after policemen John A. Balcerzak and Joseph T. Garish arrived.

Jeffrey Dahmer told them that Konerak Sintasomfon, who was then only 19 years old, was his lover and that he behaved strangely.

The women did not know that Jeffrey Dahmer had made the boy unable to speak by drilling a small hole in his head and injecting him with acid. Therefore, the child was mute.

The police believed Jeffrey, even if the others present did not, and took two other people to his room.

What happened when Jeffrey was caught by the police?

On July 22, 1991, Dahmer was finally arrested after victim Tracy Edwards escaped and provoked police to return to his apartment. According to the New York Times, police found body parts in dissolution around Dahmer’s home, sedatives and photos of dismembered corpses.

Dahmer was convicted
In 1992, Dahmer was sentenced to 15 consecutive life sentences for their murders.

Synthasomphon’s family files lawsuit against city of Milwaukee

According to Justia, the Synthasomphon family filed a lawsuit against the city of Milwaukee and the police Department after surviving Jeffrey Dahmer’s horrific attack, alleging that the police violated Konerak’s equal protection provision based on race, gender and sexual orientation.

Where is Konerak’s brother now?
Somsak lived a very isolated life after the death of his brother and his own traumatic experience with Dahmer.



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