Unit 12 Level G Choosing The Right Word

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Unit 12 Level G Choosing The Right Word
Unit 12 Level G Choosing The Right Word

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One of the most famous figures in American folklore is the lean, tough cowboy ________
I hope ________ my parents for all the care they have shown for me.

Although fate has so arranged that he makes his living as a stockbroker, his main interests and talents are certainly ________

Although I walked out of the house feeling “like a kid,” my mood began ________ after only five minutes in this scorching heat.

His sense of touch is so ________ and unmistakable that he can handle the most difficult situation like child’s play.

Unit 12 Level G Choosing The Right Word

Unit 12 Level G Choosing The Right Word
Unit 12 Level G Choosing The Right Word

The sternness of my supervisor’s facial expression was so ________ stern that at first I struggled to answer the question.

Many scholars believe that Fletcher’s Beaumont ________ a scene or two in the actual text of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

One of the comforting things about reaching ________ your career is that you can only go further up.

Perhaps we should be glad that a great man condensed the colors to give us the nod(s) in passing at ________.

Although few of us today rely on ceremonies to the extent that our ancestors did, common courtesy is by no means ________

Prehistoric peoples banded together in tribes not only for protection, but also to satisfy their instincts ________

He sang a ditty from ________ about a man who nostalgically longs for the girl he left behind years ago.

A diplomat should always assume that no gap between countries, no matter how serious, is ________

The threat of a nuclear holocaust, characteristic of the Cold War era, ________ has profoundly changed the way many people think about war.

The legal proverb “Silence implies consent” means that not objecting to actions that concern you means ________ approval of them.

In our quest to improve the quality of life in America, we should not rush to ________ an idea just because it is new.

When the scandal broke, the man found himself ________ the victim of someone else’s misdeeds.

It’s one thing to worry about discipline, and quite another to make ________ of it.

I don’t know what hurts more: having to ask someone for a favor or asking for help from some unfortunate ________

Fortunately, our attorney was able to produce documents that refuted ________ our former partner’s claims.

Faced with a tight deadline, the jaded editor hastily edited the young reporter’s article and sent it to ________

In the Poetics and Metaphysics, the Greek philosopher Aristotle speculates on the purpose of art and defines important principles ________.

He languished.
After the death of his wife of seven decades, grief-stricken Mr. Johnson ________ in his quiet apartment.

“Even though Laurie swore to tell the truth, she gave statements that were clearly ________,” complained the defense of the distraught lawyer.

Crying baby ________ asks mom for a snack.




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