43 Degrees North By Bryan Baeumler

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43 Degrees North By Bryan Baeumler
43 Degrees North By Bryan Baeumler

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There were those who said that it was impossible to do it, but Brian and Sarah Baumler proved everyone wrong. In the final of the program “Bryan Inc.”the couple have finally presented a house in Highview that has been completely transformed thanks to Sarah’s ‘green’ project management skills.

Take a look at this beautiful home in Burlington, Ontario with its intricate detailing, opulent space and rich finishes.

43 Degrees North By Bryan Baeumler

43 Degrees North By Bryan Baeumler
43 Degrees North By Bryan Baeumler

Welcome to the house

The soft brick exterior, the large driveway, the beautiful tiled stones leading to the main entrance and plenty of flood lights give the impression of a warm and cozy home. Add in the key details of landscape design, such as shrubs and flowerpots, and one can imagine ourselves relaxing here, leafing through magazines or waiting with a cocktail to receive guests.

Magnificent Maid’s Room

A mud room does not need a lot of space, enough space for functional storage and a beautiful bench, as in this corner option. White and gold finishes give the room brightness and aerodynamics, while pink shades add modernity. Add some jacket hooks and a nice picture, and it’s a sunny little space designed for maximum functionality.

Open living room

Thanks to the open ceilings, skylights and huge windows, the open floor plan feels even more open. A lighter color scheme, including hardwood floors, and a quartz fireplace enhance the overall effect. At the same time, glass railings, cream-colored furniture and spotlights give the space a Moderna clean look.

Built-in function

When adhering to clean lines and bright white tones, it can be difficult to give the room a sense of habitability. That’s why fine details, such as built-in storage by the fireplace and jugs on the coffee table, help to create a cozier atmosphere.

Aerodynamic spaces

Exposed beams continue throughout the design, drawing the eye across the room to the Cambria quartz screensaver that complements the fireplace. Meanwhile, the same pink cushions found in the hallway help to create a Moderna atmosphere, especially when combined with the gold finish of the dining room chairs and accessories. Going out to the courtyard through the kitchen, on the other hand, helps to create the illusion of an even larger space and extended living.

Neat and tidy

Breaking the white and gold finish, the Moderna dark finish of the windows and doors gives depth to the room. In the center of the space is an elegant dining table with interesting golden details, which immediately creates an area for eating with the whole family and gives the room even greater potential.

Simple elegance

Sarah minimized the decor throughout the room, which not only helps attract the attention of potential buyers looking to personalize the space, but also keeps the eye on some of the most impressive structural details. For example, the light pouring from the upstairs windows and the amazing quartz fireplace that rises to the sky.


The beautiful golden accents continue on these kitchen island benches that are combined with the pendant lights. Even the hardware of the cabinets matches, completing the overall look. We also like the built-in storage under the island, as it gives the space additional functionality.

Ingenious cooking

We love the electrical wiring that allows these fixtures to hang from the exposed beam, giving a cozy effect to the island. The island sink is also great, as it creates more free space on the opposite wall and allows you to quickly move between the sink and the stove while cooking.

Moderna appliances

Up-to-date Moderna appliances help to increase the overall value of the house. This huge gas stove and two ovens are the subject of dreams of home cooks.

Eternal functionality

Another module built into the island adds even more functions to a small area, creating maximum value. There is no free space here; drawers and cabinets are built into every possible corner. With so many storage places, the surfaces themselves can be kept clean and tidy, something that anyone prone to an organized life will surely appreciate.

Open shelves

The personality of the kitchen is given to the serving bowls and plates displayed on these beautiful built-in shelves and the bright white countertops under them. Lighting under the cabinets is skillfully added, keeping the space beautiful and bright even after sunset.

Aerodynamic ladder

Even the staircase is updated with Moderna finishing materials, such as solid wood, safety glass and smooth railings. Additional lighting helps to create a safe environment in the dark, and the extra-large finish looks polished and beautiful.

Comfort for creatures

Downstairs, the living room and the living room are a little cozier than upstairs, thanks to the larger sofas and decor details like these pillows and blankets. It still fits into the overall design of the house thanks to its soft color scheme and brass accents, but it feels warmer and more family-oriented.




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