Lates Tangedco Aadhaar Link Website

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Lates Tangedco Aadhaar Link Website
Lates Tangedco Aadhaar Link Website

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The state government of Tamil Nadu is the owner of the electricity generation and distribution company, Tamil Nadu Electricity Board. All customers of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board are advised that the EB number must be linked to the Aadhaar card.

Lates Tangedco Aadhaar Link Website

Lates Tangedco Aadhaar Link Website
Lates Tangedco Aadhaar Link Website

As per the guidelines laid down by the government, legitimate information of subsidy beneficiaries should be created and it is stated that subsidy will be withheld from those who do not link their Aadhaar.

TNEB Grant

Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) is a subsidiary of TNEB, which facilitates coordinated development of power generation and distribution in Tamil Nadu. TANGEDCO officials said the tie-up with Aadhaar was necessary to obtain the government subsidy for the first 100 units consumed. The subsidy will no longer be given to those who do not link their Aadhaar.

TNEB and Aadhaar linkage.

Many consumers have been unable to pay their bills due to problems in linking their Aadhaar numbers with electricity service numbers. As a result, TANGEDCO has granted a two-day extension to the payment deadline for bills due between November 24 and November 30. It is important to note that this extension will be allowed to those categories of consumers who are required to link Aadhaar.



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