Easiest Solution Unblocked Games WTF

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Easiest Solution Unblocked Games WTF
Easiest Solution Unblocked Games WTF

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Short Life is an unlockable game created by Gametornado, based in the Czech Republic. It is the first part of a series whose sequels are Short Ride, Lucky Life, Parkour Jump and Bow Mania. Other works by the studio include Rio Rex, LA Rex, NY Rex, London Rex and Death Chase.

Easiest Solution Unblocked Games WTF

Easiest Solution Unblocked Games WTF
Easiest Solution Unblocked Games WTF

Retro Goal Unlocked Game 76, 911 (Play here)

Play Short Life and experience life on the razor’s edge, literally! Dodge traps, swinging blades and explosive mines and try to survive. You can play Short Life for free, see how long you can last! This Short Life game lets you choose one of several playable characters and unlock even more by collecting stars.

Enjoy Short Life online to enjoy a full course of deadly gameplay. If you’ve ever wanted to live in the most dangerous house in the world, play Short Life on Poki now and make your dream come true!

Play the unlockable Short Life game.


Left and right arrows – move left and right.
Up Arrow – jump / stand up (if squatting)
Down Arrow – squat

Unlockable Short Life Game tips and tricks

Each level has 3 stars to collect, so keep an eye on them.
Unlockable characters don’t have different stats: choose your favorite!




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