Viral Today San Francisco Art Gallery Owner Hose

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Viral Today San Francisco Art Gallery Owner Hose
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Viral Today San Francisco Art Gallery Owner Hose

A San Francisco art gallery owner was caught on camera washing a homeless woman on the sidewalk as the temperature reached 49 degrees.

Collier Gwen, who runs Foster Gwen Gallery in the Financial District, was seen leaning casually over the gate of a restaurant on Monday, using a garden hose to pour water on a woman who was screaming in fear.

Local businesses were quick to denounce his actions, while a number of irate social media users sought revenge by leaving a string of appalling reviews online, dropping Google’s rating on the show to one star.

Admitting to being the man in the video, Gwen, whose clients once included David Rockefeller and Arnold Schwarzenegger, tried to defend her actions by claiming that she had become a psychopath and was turning over trash cans.

“I said you have to move,” Gwen told the San Francisco Chronicle, “I can’t clean up the street, move.” “She started shouting all kinds of nasty things, spitting, yelling at me… I will help you.” He added that he was a “hero” because he tried to help her earlier.

The chef at Brioche Café who filmed the video said he saw the scene unfold as he distributed food early in the morning around 6am.

“I was blown away,” Edson Garcia told The Chronicle. “I know this lady.

San Francisco Art Gallery Owner Hose, Since then, the video has had nearly nine million views. But despite the widespread backlash, Gwen has remained true to his actions.

“You know, spraying it isn’t a solution, but spraying it was something that woke her up and calmed her down,” Gowen said. ‘So I’m sorry?’ I’m only sorry that… my endless ways of helping her have led nowhere.

Shocking moment San Francisco gallery owner

San Francisco Art Gallery Owner Hose
San Francisco Art Gallery Owner Hose

Before the accident, Gwen added, he had allowed her to stand on the sidewalk for several days and tried to contact the police and other government agencies to get her help.

His art gallery has been around since 1984 and, according to SocketSite, attracts first-class clients like Schwarzenegger., San Francisco Art Gallery Owner Hose has reached out to Gwin for comment, but he was not immediately available. And now the company’s pages on social networks seem to be closed.

The show shares a wall with a restaurant called the Barbarossa Lounge, which is where Gwyn is seen leaning against the gate in the video.

At first, Internet detectives trying to identify the perpetrator thought Gwen was connected to the restaurant. But owner Arash Janadan denied the claim as angry letters poured in.

“Barbarossa Lounge became aware of a video that started circulating on social media and was filmed outside of our small business,” Ganadhan told

“We are extremely disappointed by this individual’s behavior and in no way support such actions. We have been informed that further official and media investigations are ongoing.”

“The past three years have been a difficult period for our business due to the pandemic. We barely survived, and now our reputation has been tarnished by a video that everyone mistakenly thinks is about our business,” Kandan added.

San Francisco Art Gallery Owner Hose
San Francisco Art Gallery Owner Hose

The video comes amid a growing homelessness crisis in the city. The number of homeless people in San Francisco reached nearly 8,000 in February, the second-highest number of any year since 2005, according to official government triennial statistics.

Businessmen in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood have threatened to stop paying taxes if politicians don’t clean up the trash streets and stop people from using drugs openly.

In an August letter to city officials, the Castro Merchants Association said some homeless people on the streets near their stores are harassing shoppers and need help.

“They need shelter and/or services and they need them immediately,” the trade association said.

“Our community is struggling to recover from lost business revenue, burglaries, and endless vandalism/graffiti (often perpetrated by the homeless), and we implore you to take action.”



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