Breaking News Nepal Plane Crash Live Stream

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Breaking News Nepal Plane Crash Live Stream
Breaking News Nepal Plane Crash Live Stream

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Moments before the deadliest plane crash in Nepal in decades, the four Indian friends on board began passionately recording the landing on Facebook Live.

We were heading to Pokhara for the trip of a lifetime, intending to visit temples and paragliding in Nepal’s famous Annapurna mountain range. “It’s really fun” is heard in a video of one of the men looking out at the city below as the plane begins its descent. Friends are heard laughing and joking as the camera pans to a smiling Sonu Jaiswal, 29, a father of three who runs a small business from home in India.

All seems calm on the plane, and there are no emergency announcements or warnings from the pilot or crew. But suddenly the plane seemed to yaw sideways with a loud bang, and the phone’s camera captured the sounds of the crash on the ground before the screen was filled with flames. The burning wreckage of the plane appears briefly on screen before turning black. After that no sound was heard.

Breaking News Nepal Plane Crash Live Stream

Breaking News Nepal Plane Crash Live Stream
Breaking News Nepal Plane Crash Live Stream

Harrowing video shows the 68 passengers and four employees on board a Yeti Airlines plane who were unaware the plane was in danger until it exploded on landing.

Vishal Koswal, 21, who is a close friend of the four men heard in the video, confirmed the authenticity of the video.

Meet the four men, all from Ghazipur district in Uttar Pradesh, who are Jaiswal, 29, Anil Rajbar, 28, Vishal Sharma, 23 and Abhishek Singh Kushwa, 23, who have gone missing. to Nepal on January 12th. Local police confirmed their identities.

Koswal said he was going to join his four friends on a trip to Nepal but was forced to stay home after the death of a relative. During their journey, he spoke to them via video link several times, including two hours before the accident.

Nepal Plane Crash Live Stream “During the conversation, Sonu showed us the surrounding mountains and it was clear that he was just as excited as we were,” Kozval said. “During this phone call, he told me that after reaching Pokhara they would visit some temples there, and in the evening they would take a train and return home.”

He called the four friends “brothers” and said everyone in the area was “very excited”. He added, “Everything seems like a nightmare, I still can’t believe we lost them all.” “I can never watch this video of the accident again, it is very difficult and painful. A great tragedy befell us.”

On Monday, rescuers continued searching for the remaining four bodies under the rubble. The authorities say there is no hope for the survivors. Nepal’s prime minister declared Monday a national day of mourning.

Breaking News Nepal Plane Crash Live Stream

Among the 15 foreign nationals on board was a group of friends from India. On board were 57 Nepalis, five Indians, four Russians, two South Koreans, and one each from Argentina, Ireland, Australia and France. Nepal Plane Crash Live Stream, He dived into the strait moments before landing at the new Pokhara International Airport.

It was Nepal’s worst air disaster since 1992, when 167 people died on a Pakistan International Airlines plane that crashed on approach to Kathmandu.

Flames and thick smoke, as well as the dangerous terrain, made the rescue of police and military officers difficult. Soldiers used ropes and stretchers to remove the bodies from a ravine 300 meters (1,000 ft) deep late Sunday night. K. “So far we have sent 63 bodies to the hospital.” Chhetri.

Arun Tamu, 44, who was about 500 meters from the crash site, told AFP he was among those who rushed to the crash site to try to help. “Some of us rushed to see if we could save anyone. I saw at least two women who were breathing. The fire was getting stronger and it was hard for us to get close.”

In recent years, Nepal’s aviation industry has boomed, ferrying cargo and people between remote areas, as well as foreign tourists and mountain climbers. But it also suffers from poor safety due to inadequate training and maintenance. In May 2022, all 22 people on board a Nepali Tara Air plane died in a crash, and in March 2018, 51 people died in an American-Bangla Airlines plane crash near Kathmandu.

The European Union has banned all Nepalese airlines from flying in its airspace for safety reasons.



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