New Link Viral Miley Cyrus Flowers Music Video

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New Link Viral Miley Cyrus Flowers Music Video
New Link Viral Miley Cyrus Flowers Music Video

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Miley Cyrus has just released her first 2023 anthem, Flowers, and the music video is dedicated to loving herself. In the clip, she can be seen walking home alone through a Los Angeles neighborhood, stripping down to her underwear in the backyard of a mansion, taking a dip in the pool and then working out to a chorus in the sun.

Although the clip is choreographed, the HIIT workout it showcases is actually quite challenging and serves as great inspiration as you enter your empowering single lady days. Keep scrolling to see Miley Cyrus’ workout in the Flowers music video.

Cyrus’ new song is a reminder to yourself that you are capable of loving yourself better than anyone else, because at the end of the day, the most important relationship in life is your relationship with yourself.

Sagittarius Superstar portrays this in a clip: she enjoys her own company and does things for herself that make her feel good, like walking around half-naked, singing in the shower, getting dressed to go nowhere, and enjoying an intense workout.

New Link Viral Miley Cyrus Flowers Music Video

New Link Viral Miley Cyrus Flowers Music Video
New Link Viral Miley Cyrus Flowers Music Video

She first warms up by swimming in the pool and then goes out into the yard for strength exercises and a high-intensity interval workout that includes burpees, battle ropes and abdominal exercises to burn the whole body.

You can easily replicate the following moves at home with little or no equipment during a continuous broadcast of Flowers at high volume. And if you want to add more cardio to your workout, you can always dance down the halls of your house or take a walk around the block in your most glamorous dress.

Battle Ropes Unidirectional Waves

In the first image of Cyrus’ at-home workout, she does unilateral waves with ballasted battle ropes, an effective way to do cardio and strength training all at once.

He starts with a stable squat, placing his feet hip-width apart. Lift the rope with one hand to shoulder height, then lower it and hold it alternately with the other. Judging by your muffled screams in the video, this is probably how you feel at the bottom.

Next, use a resistance band to turn the push-up into a plank variation. In the push-up, his right knee is bent to the side (knee touches the outside elbow) as he does the push-up. Then you stand up with your back left leg to crawl forward and repeat. When performing this challenging move, be sure to alternate left legs to work both sides of the oblique muscles.

Next, Cyrus lifts the hips into a glute bridge, humming an energetic refrain to work the hamstrings and glutes. He can do the “wedge” move, slowly lowering his glutes to touch the floor, resting on his knees, and then lifting up, tensing the muscles. At the top of the bridge, make a slight twist, take a step inward and clap your hands to the rhythm of the song.

This movement for standing abdominal muscles will get your heart rate up during the lift and wake up your abs. Start with a backward lunge. Then, in one motion, lift your back knee up to touch the opposite corner in a crisp twist and straighten the other leg.

Cyrus performs a classic burpee, bouncing vigorously in the air. She starts with a plank pose, then stands up on her hind legs and jumps high, catching her palms behind her.

Finally, Cyrus performs a tabletop balance yoga pose, which helps stretch the spine and strengthen the back and torso. Get on your hands and knees, then slowly raise your right leg so that it is straight and parallel to the floor while extending your left arm out in front of you. Perform this movement for the desired number of repetitions and repeat on the other side.




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