I went Viral For Having a Husband Hotter Than Me

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I went Viral For Having a Husband Hotter Than Me
I went Viral For Having a Husband Hotter Than Me

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It always happens, doesn’t it? The video you least think of becomes the most viral. No wonder the video, which has garnered over 11 million views, was shot the day I happened to catch a dog out for a walk with unwashed hair, glasses and an uncovered face.

Hearing the amusing trending, “when are we going to see incredibly sexy men with normal women?”. – I turned to my husband and smiled. It definitely matched the sound of what we looked like at the time. My Dutch husband has an uncanny ability to get out of bed with a superman look, while it takes me a long shower, a deep grooming and some mascara to get me up to his height.

We met six years ago, when I was working in Tenerife. He walked into a nightclub looking like a Greek god and I immediately knew I wanted his number. A slightly awkward multilingual conversation ensues to the sound of bachata coming out of the speakers, and eventually we realize that we both speak English. I also realized that he was incredibly shy.

With a face as gorgeous as his, I couldn’t believe it and began to think he just didn’t like me. To test this theory, with the bravery born of an outgoing personality and four glasses of mojito, I climbed onto the top of my scorching three-inch heels and planted a kiss on his lips.

After four years of an incredibly romantic (albeit difficult) long-distance relationship, we were married in my small Scottish town in June 2022.

I went Viral For Having a Husband Hotter Than Me

I went Viral For Having a Husband Hotter Than Me
I went Viral For Having a Husband Hotter Than Me

After six years together, my husband may be aging like fine wine and I may be aging like fine cheese, but we’ve never been so confident in our marriage.

So I laughed at the silliness of the audio recording as I uploaded the video and closed the app without thinking about anything else.

That was until the number of views started to increase.

In most of the comments, women were praising my looks and assuring me that I wasn’t “normal”. I believe in supporting women, so I started complimenting them and even followed some of them. When the most frequent comment was “your husband is lonely,” I’d pass her the phone to enjoy the self-esteem high and get cheeky myself, saying things like “if he’s not loading the dishwasher, he probably is” or “in a little while, if he’s not putting on his underwear.”

But as the days went on and the video gained more and more views, more negativity began to appear. Mostly it was men who pounced on the women who supported me in the comments, telling them that they were “lying” to me about my appearance or that “feminism had gone too far.” Many began to suggest that I had posted this video to get attention.

If a woman is confident and has the courage to consider herself attractive, people will say she is full of herself. On the other hand, if a woman belittles herself, then she is fishing for compliments. Regardless of how we present ourselves to the world, we women are constantly under scrutiny for our appearance. Either we put on too much makeup or we don’t try hard enough. Our clothes are too skimpy or too bulky. We’re too fat or too thin.

When will the endless policing of women’s appearance end? Can we let women exist without telling them we are “too much” or “not enough”?

I grew up in the era of tabloid magazines that showcased celebrity bodies on the covers, highlighting every wrinkle, bump and blemish in a scathing tirade of insults that were obviously considered entertainment.

I was not surprised that, according to a health survey in England, nearly one in five women suffered from possible eating disorders. Women are indoctrinated from a young age that their appearance is the most important thing. We are told that we must look desirable, young and graceful. Women are warned not to take up too much space, literally.

With the return of the “heroin chic” fad just when women are finally starting to be heard, it is clear that we are being forced to focus on unattainable body standards so that we have no energy to fight for our rights.

But it’s 2023, and we’re getting wiser at this game, and we’re setting our own rules. We won’t avoid buying a new set of bright acrylic paints, but we will use them to move up in the company. We will wear garish prints and bright colors that won’t let people take their eyes off our body-positive personalities. We will embrace our curves, nuances, shapes and sexuality in a way that women have never been allowed to before, until we not only take a seat at the table, but turn the whole situation upside down.

They say that behind every man is an even stronger woman; even though my husband is 6’4″, I don’t hide behind him. I’ve never considered myself more than normal, but this video proved that it doesn’t matter what you look like: if you’re a woman, you’ll be criticized no matter what.




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